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Computer Repairs
We will gladly address any and all of the computer problems you may currently be experiencing. Below is a list of some of the most common issues we encounter. Common computer problems:
Malware and Viruses
This topic covers a range of bugs that may infect your computer. The terms commonly associated with infection are: malware, virus, trojans, adware, bots, hijacker, rootkits, worms and ransomware.

All of these terms are used to describe some form of malicious activity that may affect your computer’s operation and performance. Symptoms of an infection may be anything from slow computer performance and system file corruptions to the loss of personal data or the appearance of a blue screen.

Window & System Errors
Both connected to your computer’s operating system, Windows and system errors are categorized and treated differently. Windows errors generally are easier to treat than system errors and are made known once a computer is already up and running. System errors on the other hand inhibit a computer from starting in the first place and therefore require prompt attention. Windows errors often come in the form of pop-up windows or error messages on your computer. They indicate a problem that needs attention and may be a few different things. Some smaller malfunctions may not affect your daily operation too much while others may cause your computer to stop operating temporarily. Regardless of the severity of the issue, whenever these errors are present, essential computer files should be backed up in the event that the problem escalates to a complete system shutdown. System errors, the more serious of the two, occurs when your computer is unable to boot or load correctly. This will be due either to a faulty piece of hardware that is present or a very serious problem with Windows. Both issues can be addressed. With a Windows issue, any lost of data can be restored in most cases, while with a hardware issue defective pieces can be replaced. You’ll likely opt to fix a defective piece with the exception of the motherboard; this may or may not be worth your investment.

A slow performing computer can cause a world of frustration for any user. Though your speed issues will likely be connected to a malware problem, other causes may also come into play. Some of these include; a corrupted or misconfigured Windows operating system, a depreciating hard drive, poor memory and a slow processor that may need to be upgraded. Other performance-related complications not mentioned here can also be addressed by our team of computer engineers.

Defective Hardware
Another problem that you may encounter, independent of the previous ones, is a severe hardware-only issue. The problem of defective hardware is just as important as a system error as it will interfere with your ability to operate or start up your device. Also in some cases of defective hardware you may be able to start up your computer but with no screen activity. Some examples of hardware malfunctions are: a problem with the power supply which prevents a computer from starting up, beeping which may indicate an issue with the motherboard and a computer that appears to start up only to not progress much pass the “power light”. These and many other examples all point to the same issue, a hardware default that prohibits a computer from displaying anything on the screen.

Instant Support / Remote Support
We also gladly offer remote support to our customers.
Remote Support
This involves us gaining access to your computer via a secure Internet connection which will allow us troubleshoot from the inside out. This option works well when your computer is still operating and has an Internet connection but may be experiencing problems that result in annoying error messages popping up from time to time. The process is simple and only requires that you download a program from our website to facilitate a remote connection. This will allow us to troubleshoot your computer as if we were sitting right there. And you have the choice to hang out on the phone during the entire ordeal or leave and come back once everything is fixed. Either way, there is no need to come in or schedule an onsite visit if your problem can be fixed remotely.

How does it all work?

Step 1: Affirm whether or not your computer is still functional and if you are able to connect to the Internet
Step 2: Visit our website and click on the “Remote Support” button

Step 3: When prompted, run the file in order to install the necessary program

Step 4: Once the program is installed an ID number and password will appear. Record the information and supply it to our technician when calling. Once the technician has this information they will be able to remotely diagnose and treat your computer.

*Please note that even during a remote repair session you still have control over your computer. If at anytime you would like to end your session you have the power to do so and the password you provided the technician with will change each time you establish a similar connection. This is so that no technician will ever have access to your computer without your permission.

Networks and Servers
DVC Networks and Servers

Most people who have a High Speed Internet connection are part of a network by default due to their wired or wireless router. And since the word “networks” is a broad term that covers a few different services, we’ve simplified it here by listing some of the more common network services offered. Setting up a network for your home or office

Whether you’d like to wire your home or have a business that needs to be connected, we can help you by setting up a wired or wireless network at your establishment. And when deciding which option (wireless or wired) is best for you, its important to consider the pros and cons of each. For instance, even though wireless may seem like the best option overall, there are a few setbacks with this type of connection. Wireless networks are usually not as reliable as wired networks and are sometimes absent or slow performing. This and other issues should be weighed before selecting your desired type of network. Network sharing Once we’ve setup your home or office network you can enjoy the many benefits of networking.

Some of them include sharing files and printing options. Computers that are interconnected can utilize the same printer as well as share files. Networking also makes it easy to provide a systematic backup of important files all directed to a central backup drive. Troubleshooting networks For wireless networks, the most common problem that people encounter are issues related to distance or range for their wireless signal. Since there are multiple types of obstructions and interference surrounding us, our wireless signals are usually not performing at their optimal capacity.

We can help you address this by figuring out the best means of extending your wireless range or whether or not the installation of a hard line is necessary. *Premises wiring is just that; it involves installing hard line connections in your home or office when it is the best or most desirable connection sought. Losing access to the Internet Even though we are not an Internet Service Provider (ISP), we can almost always help you get back online. Generally, if you’ve lost your connection to the Internet you may have an internal network issue or a problem with your ISP. And since in most cases it’s not your ISP, we can help by troubleshooting your computer or router.

Premises Wiring
Premises Wiring Services
If you are a business and can’t afford short range and unreliable wireless network or if wireless simply doesn’t work in your environment – then you need to consider running network cables. We have run hundreds of miles of computer and telephone wires and we can professionally wire your place whether it’s a house with three computers or an office with three hundred.
The backbone of any information network is its wiring structure. How you wire your office or home can be the most important factor determining the quality (speed and reliability) of your network. Sound wiring is crucial in providing a stable and reliable environment for your computing operations. We can help you design, install and maintain this critical component of your network.
We offer complete certified premises wiring solutions. Digital Ventures is a full-service cabling contractor providing professional data, voice and video services including design, installation, certification and maintenance of structured cabling networks. We have the resources to provide your business with a solution to all of your cabling needs. We specialize in the Cat-5 and Cat-6 cabling solutions including full cable management.

Backbone Wiring
Includes all wiring between telecommunications closets, equipment rooms, and entrance facilities, including all cables, mechanical cable terminations, and intermediate and main cross-connects. It connects facilities on the same floor, from floor to floor, and even between buildings.

Horizontal Wiring
Includes all cabling from a work-area wall jack to the telecommunications closet. The outlets, cable, and cross-connects in the closet are all part of the horizontal wiring, which gets its name because the cable typically runs horizontally above ceilings or along the floor.

Server Closet Wiring
Server closet is a room or cabinet that holds distribution frames, cross-connects, and other hardware needed to connect horizontal wiring to backbone wiring. Most businesses have at least one wiring closet or an area dedicated to network connectivity.

Fiber optic cable is becoming one of the fastest-growing transmission mediums for new cabling installations and upgrades, including backbone, horizontal, and even desktop applications. Fiber optic cable is favored for applications that need high bandwidth, long distances, and complete immunity to electrical interference. It is ideal for high data-rate systems such as Gigabit Ethernet, FDDI, multimedia, ATM, SONET, Fibre Channel, or any other network that requires the transfer of large, bandwidth-consuming data files, particularly over long distances. A common application for fiber optic cable is as a network backbone, where huge amounts of data are transmitted.

Cable Administration
Includes all aspects of premise wiring related to documentation and managing of the cabling system (i.e. labeling cables and wall-jacks), testing the system, as well as the architectural plans for the system.

PBX and Telephone Wiring
Provided for businesses implementing new phone system, upgrading an older system, as well as those needing new cabling to keep pace with newer technologies.

PA & Sound System Wiring

Includes wiring and speakers distributing sound typically for background music, paging, or public announcements. Can be integrated with the phone system.

Backup and Recovery Services
Disaster Recovery

In addition to the services mentioned, we also provide backup and recovery services for your files and data. Below are a few important points to note about backing up information.

1. What exactly does it mean to backup data? Backing up information simply means to make a copy of your precious files in the event of a computer failure or other unforeseen event. You’ll rest easy knowing that your important information is still intact, somewhere else.

2. To truly be backup, your information needs to be stored outside of your computer. This means utilizing a CD or DVD, flash drive or external hard drive.

3. It’s best to backup your important data on the regular basis so that you’re always prepared no matter what happens. One good way to do this is to initiate an ongoing or automatic process of backing up your files so you’ll never forget to do so.

4. How much does it cost? Backing up information can be done at a fairly reasonable price. It all depends on how much information you need backed up, how you intend on retaining it, and how frequently it will be done. A brief overview of your backup options: Flash drives-Flash drives are inexpensive, convenient, and can hold varying amounts of data on the regular basis. Most flash drives are just under $20 for 8GB of memory. External hard drives-This type of backup is suitable for large amounts of data and can easily facilitate a quick copy of all your essential files. Since it is your typical piece of hardware though, you’ll find it much larger than a flash drive but still handheld and portable. A good size external hard drive of 750GB or more can often be purchased for well under $200.
Remote or online backup-As the name indicates, this type of backup is purely housed online and off site. The capacity options are just about limitless and the backup is offered continuously for a monthly fee. This charge is usually $1 per GB, so $10 for 10GB.

CD or DVD-Finally the most basic of all the choices, CD or DVD backup, is relatively cheap (about .25 for 5GB) but difficult to carry out on the regular basis. The process is slow and tedious and must be done by hand each time. The capacity is also low as each CD/DVD can only hold but so much information.

If you are unfortunate enough to lose the information you have stored on your hard drive then you will have to undergo a recovery process to get you up and running again. In most cases this involves (1) replacing your hard drive (2) re-installing Windows along with your previous programs and applications (3) transferring your data from your backup device to your computer.

Computers Repair – House Calls
Onsite Visits

If we are unable to troubleshoot your problem remotely or bringing in your computer(s) is not an option or simply burdensome, we can provide house calls to address your computing needs. Onsite visits are often required in cases that involve network or no-connectivity issues and are also ideal if you simply prefer not to transfer your computer to our office for a diagnosis and repair.

Pricing for onsite visits:
First hour-$125
Additional hour(s)-$55

Pick-up and delivery is also available for long service sessions. With this option you can simply schedule a pick-up and receive your repaired computer delivered to you the next day.

Pick-up and delivery service- $180

Initial Diagnosis

We offer a free evaluation and diagnosis when repair services are performed on your select device. Meaning, the cost of the initial evaluation is included in your repair cost.

If however you decide not to have repairs done or a repair is not possible, we do require a payment of between $25-$50 for time and effort.

Situations in which this is pertinent are data recovery (which may not be possible from time to time), as well as diagnosing a motherboard which involves taking the computer apart and performing certain tests.

In general, the baseline payment that is due in the event that repair services are not administered, allows us to properly compensate our employees

Diagnostics & evaluation – free of charge if we repair your system – it is simply included in the repair cost.
We will have to charge you however, if we spend significant time and effort diagnosing your system and you decide against the repair or repair is not possible. We are running a business after all and our engineers have to be compensated for their time. Two most typical examples are: data recovery attempts which can take several hours and diagnosing (failed) notebook motherboard which involves disassembling the notebook and series of tests. $25 to $50 depending on the amount of time invested into troubleshooting.

Quick fix
Any repair requiring no more than 15 minutes (usually correcting a setting)

Short Repair
Troubleshooting and repair performed while you wait not exceeding 1 hour (i. e. virus or adware removal)

Standard Repair
Any repairs to your computer not requiring to re-install Windows

Windows re-installation I
without applications and data backup/restoration


Windows re-installation II
with data backup and restoration

Windows re-installation III
with extended application, settings and data restoration

Expediting your repair
your computer jumps to the front of the queue with the intent of being fix the same day (if possible) if we have to stay late (past 7 p.m.) to finish your repair:

Instant Support via Remote Access
per incident


On-site service (House Calls)
For the first hour / for each additional hour

$125.00 / $55.00

If your computer requires extended service that takes a couple of hours (i.e. reinstalling Windows) we recommend exchanging on-site service into pick-up-and-delivery. Our engineer will take the computer to our repair shop and will return it the next day.

Standard rate for pick up and delivery is equal to a 2-hour on-site service at $180.

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